Poor Man’s Pesto

A few days ago a was seriously craving some pasta with pesto sauce. Like, hardcore.  However, the only ingredient I had at my disposal was basil.


I mean, yes, I could just go out and buy what I needed myself, but let’s be real, I have no money.

I still wanted something cheesy and basily though, so I came up with this version:Poor man's PestoIt’s just some chopped basil leaves, mixed together with chopped shredded cheese from Wegman’s and olive oil there in the middle.  Then, I sprinkled regular shredded cheese around the edges and dropped some cut up grape tomatoes around the sides too.

I call it Poor Man’s Pesto, not because it really tastes anything like Pesto, but because Pesto is what I wanted, and this is what I got instead!  It’s really not too shabby.


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